Taste before cooking

« The tasting of olive oil of olive oil is essential to judge its quality. We look at it, we breathe its aroma, and we appreciate it. »

Olive oil should be assessed as follows:
Firstly, take the time to appreciate the odor. Then, taste using a small spoon or glass, without accompaniment in order to discover it’s true character.

Mills often offer you a tasting of olive oil on a piece of bread. Finally, your palate must be free of all other tastes and the ideal would be to eat a slice of apple just before serving to remove any fatty deposits and not confuse the flavors.

Thus, olive oil will be assessed as follows:

  • To the eye, it shows a golden color with green reflection.
  • To the nose, it exudes a strong smell of green fruit, grassy flavors, aromas of freshness.
  • On the palate, the attack is soft, long, evolving towards olive aromas.
  • The after taste is a little spicy.
  • Finally, our oil is very homogeneous and round which helps keep its freshness.

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