Tucan Olive Oil

With it’s high strategy for performance, L’HUILERIE LOUED guarantees a perfect refining, and consequently, a high quality of production.

Quality First!

If the oils ‘RIVER OF GOLD’ oils are high quality, it is because at the oil mill LOUED we are extremely vigilant about quality. This is monitored and evaluated at all levels of the production line. Refining guarantees purity. Without refining, the oils of seeds are usually dark, disturbed, unpleasant to the taste and more sensitive to heat. In addition, they contain undesirable compounds from the seed waxes, pigments, trace metals, etc.

We must therefore refine the oil to get rid of all impurities, giving it a clear appearance and a neutral taste and odor for longer preservation.

The Main Health Benefits

There are medical studies that confirm that olive oil protects against hypertension, thrombosis, diabetes, obesity, the formation of gallstones, breast cancer, and stroke . It also contributes to better digestion.

Olive oil has tremendous benefits. It is rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants. Olive oil helps prevent arterial sclerosis and it helps protect the aging brain. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In modern cosmetics, consumers are reluctant to directly use olive oil because of its greasy feel and because of its smell. Olive oil has the power to regenerate skin tissue and the characteristic to regulate the natural moisturizing system of skin. Olive oil softens the skin with its invigoratingand firming action.

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