Tucan Olive Oil was established on March 3, 2010.

After reflecting on puns we wanted to combine the name of my country of origin, Tunisia, with that of Canada, where the company is established. So « TU » for Tunisia and « CAN » for Canada form TUCAN Olive Oil Company.

We work with the LOUED family, who have been cultivating olives since 1928. The oil is extracted using traditional methods.. They have invested in this activity their greatest interest and expertise and have not ceased to develop this work by improving production systems with the use of new technologies.

The extra virgin olive oil « GOLD RIVER » comes from the olive groves of the sunny hills and plains of Tunisia, planted centuries ago by caring hands and carefully picked during the months of November and December, when the olives reach their optimum degree of maturity. Hand harvesting is important to obtain healthy olives and ensure olive tree production. The same day they are transported in vented crates to the oil mill where where they are selected. They are defoliated and washed with clean water before being crushed and mixed. The oil is separated from the olive paste by cold pressing to preserve its taste and flavor. All extraction processes are driven by a mechanical stainless steel system. The oil is stored in underground ceramic tanks to ensure its high quality, low acidity and fruity taste.

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